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We Are The Best In The Smartphone Repair Service

Founded in 2003, MobileTrendz Cellular is an innovative cellular repair and service business, specialising in express cellular assessments and repairs including quality service, industry training and upgrade services to insurers, individuals and corporate clients. MobileTrendz offers a national assessment and repair service with expert workmanship and a strong business reputation in the industry.

MobileTrendz is dedicated to empowerment and is currently a Level 1 BEE contributor. We are continuously investing in people, projects that embrace the diversity of South Africa, and are constantly reviewing and improving all aspects of our business through industry knowledge and expertise expansion.

Our service and reputation in the insurance and corporate domains speak for itself ensuring that our customers and stakeholders are extremely satisfied. We strive to have our clients appear as heroes in the eyes of their customers. Our passion for cellular repairs, dedication and hard work have resulted in our success and industry reputation.

Since 2003 we’ve repaired over 100,000 devices. Our team of experienced, professional and friendly technicians will have you in and out the door. You can book an appointment today (link to appointment booking) or by calling us.


Quality Services Since 2003

We’re committed to providing the highest-quality Repair Service at the most competitive rates.

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Why are we different?

As global sustainability and the preservation of our planet becomes paramount, we accept our role as a community leader through our ecological certification and use of recycling initiatives.



What’s important to you

We understand that no two customers are the same, we provide personalised innovative and quality cellular repair solutions that are cost effective and efficiently executed, ensuring peace of mind while delivering optimal results.

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We offer a comprehensive and credible assessment service to the industry, with effective claims handling.

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Our repairs are of high quality and standard, resulting in low return rates, reduced loss ratio and quick turnaround times. Our repairs are done in a highly secure and industry standard environment further reducing risk. We have partnered with manufacturer accredited partners in order to ensure all repairs meet manufacturer standards.


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Warranty And Guarantee

Our warranty and guarantee offers comfort to our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction and as such no costs will be incurred for any warranty repairs.

Warranty and Guarantee

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We service multiple areas within South Africa with remarkable turnaround times ensuring that our clients deal with a single entity and an uncomplicated process.


Our trained and continually up-skilled technician are skilled and specialised on all aspects of cellular handset repairs.

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We have competent staff waiting to attend to you service request.

Years of Experience

With 16 years in the industry, we must be doing something right.